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When i am trying to compile this model(attached below),error in port widths and dimensions shows up. Help me try to get rid of this error and run the model successfully.

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Hari Desanur
Hari Desanur on 30 Dec 2016
Click on the 'Mux blocks used to create bus signals' link in the error message and then set the setting in Configuration Parameters to 'error'.
Also view the signal dimensions by clicking on 'Display' -> 'Signals & Ports' -> 'Signal Dimensions'.
I looks like the root cause of the issues in your model is that the 'PWM Generator' input to the 'Boost Converter' subsystem has a dimension of 12 which is later passed to the 'Mosfet' block in the 'Boost Converter' subsystem.
The basic logic in your model might have some issues.

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