multiply columns of an Array

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Nikolas Spiliopoulos
Nikolas Spiliopoulos on 11 Jan 2017
Commented: Sean de Wolski on 11 Jan 2017
Hi all, I am a beginner in Matlab and I am struggling with something.
Lets say I have: A= [1 2 1;3 1 1]; B= [1; 2]
i need to multiply the columns of A with B elements and get this result : c= [1*1 2*1 1*1 ; 3*2 1*2 1*2]
any ideas?
Thanks in Advance!

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 11 Jan 2017
iwant = bsxfun(@times,A,B)

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Alexandra Harkai
Alexandra Harkai on 11 Jan 2017
bsxfun(@times, A, B)
Or in R2016b:
A * B


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