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When using 'sim' in a for loop in accelerator mode I get an 'accelbuild' error after 5,6 or sometimes 18 iterations.

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Dave Walter
Dave Walter on 11 Jan 2017
Commented: Chinmayi Lanka on 20 Jan 2017
I am doing a Monte Carlo simulation of a simulink model with Matlab 2015b using the sim command
SimOuts = sim(ModelName, 'LoadExternalInput', 'on',...
'ExternalInput', 'SimIns',...
'SimulationMode', 'accelerator');
Unfortunately, after several iterations of the model running fine, I get
Error using accelbuild (line 50)
Problem creating Accelerator MEX file for model
To see the build output, use
Error in run_test_harness (line 6)
Caused by:
Error using accelbuild (line 50)
Unable to write file
permission denied.
Last night it occurred on the 18 iteration. I don't get how it runs and builds fine 17 times and then has some permissions error on the 18th.

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Chinmayi Lanka
Chinmayi Lanka on 20 Jan 2017
What kind of blocks do you have in your model? I tried a similar workflow with the example model 'vdp' and had no issues.

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