K-Fold Cross Validation

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neamah al-naffakh
neamah al-naffakh on 25 Jan 2017
Commented: Swaroop Mishra on 31 Jan 2017
Hi Guys,
I have data of 36 users
as shown in the code (MATLAB) data is loaded into a matrix called Feat_Vec1
for nc = 1 : 36 % nc number of users
% Load data into MATLAB
data{nc} = load( sprintf('U%02d_Acc_TimeD_FreqD_FDay.mat', nc) );
% assign data into Matrix
Feat_Vec1{nc} = data{nc}.Acc_TD_Feat_Vec(:,:);
for each user, I have 36 rows and 143 columns as a result, Feat_Vec1 contains 36 cells (number of users) and each cell contains 36 rows and 143 columns
I'd like to use 9-Fold Cross Validation in order to divide my dataset into training and testing.
First of all, 9-fold cross-validation means to user 8/9-th data for training and 1/9-th for testing. Repeat this nine times
I have seen this the documentation in MATLAB help but don't understand it!
I'm wondering if someone could help me please with the coding of 9-Fold Cross Validation for each user?
for examples:
for user1, 4 values from each column will be stored for testing and 32 values of each column will be used to train his model. This procedure will be repeated 9 times
Really appreciate any help
Swaroop Mishra
Swaroop Mishra on 31 Jan 2017
Additionally, to reduce the coding effort, you can use Classification Learner App which is a part of Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox.
In the Classification Learner App, you can select Data and Validation for Classification Problem

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