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how to read file a text file with numbers and characters in a loop

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perveen ali
perveen ali on 26 Jan 2017
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
Hi there, can someone please help me with reading the .txt file in a loop, what is best function. thanks.

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Guillaume on 26 Jan 2017
There is no generic function in matlab that will magically read this type of file. You will have to parse it yourself, either by reading it one line at a time (using low level IO such as fopen, fgetl, fclose, etc.) or reading the whole file as a continuous string ( fileread) and using regular expressions for the parsing.
Either way, you should use the documentation of whatever program was used to generate that text file to understand its structure. It appears to be made of different section (for each lens?) but the format is not consistent between sections. Hence you'll have to refer to that program documentation to make a reliable parser.

perveen ali
perveen ali on 26 Jan 2017
Hi Guillaume, please ignore first data file. I have attached this one which is systematic. thanks.

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