How to use Struct Array in a function

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I have a function, which is opened by the callback openFcn in Simulink. In this function a struct Array is created with the function evalin. The Problem is that this struct Array is saved in the base Workspace and when i try to use the struct Array i get the error message 'Undefined variable "in" or class "in.Data".' How do i save that struct Array in the function Workspace to use it. Would be nice, if someone had an idea about this.
Stephen23 on 30 Jan 2017
Edited: Stephen23 on 30 Jan 2017
"The Problem is that this struct Array is saved in the base Workspace"
Accessing variables in the base worksapce will always be slow and buggy. Why bother? Simply learn to pass arguments, write nested functions, or any of the other simple, reliable, and fast ways of passing data between workspaces.
Using evalin does not make your code efficient or reliable:
Much simpler would be to learn how to write functions effectively (e.g. nested functions), and learn the several fast and reliable ways to pass data between their workspaces:
(Hint: do not use global, evalin, assignin, etc)

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Jan 2017
In the place you need the structure, use
in = evalin('base', 'in') ;

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