Re-naming Text files in many folders using matlab

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Dear all
i have many folders, where every folder contain text files, i need to parse the whole folders and then re-naming exist files to name of parent folder along with its names as in follow:
for example in folder1 where text files are ={ text1.txt, name.txt, vbar.txt, ....etc} hope to be = { folder1-text1.txt, folder1-name1.txt, etc...}
thanks for any suggestion

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 1 Feb 2017
projectdir = 'name of main directory goes here';
dinfo = dir(projectdir);
dinfo(~[dinfo.isdir]) = []; %remove non-folders
dinfo(ismember({}, {'.', '..'}) = []; %remove . and .. directories
num_subdir = length(dinfo);
for S = 1 : num_subdir
this_subdir = dinfo(S).name;
subdinfo = dir( fullfile(projectdir, this_subdir, '*.txt') );
num_subfile = length(subdinfo);
for F = 1 : num_subfile
this_file = subdinfo(F).name;
old_file = fullfile( projectdir, this_subdir, this_file );
new_file = fullfile( projectdir, [this_subdir '-' this_file] );
rename(old_file, new_file);
catch ME
fprintf('Failed to rename "%s" to "%s"\n', old_file, new_file );

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Thibaut Jacqmin
Thibaut Jacqmin on 1 Feb 2017
Use the following function GetAllSubDirAndFiles(main_folder) where main_folder is the path to the folder containing all the subfolders containing the files you want to rename. The output contains all the folders and files. Then you can rename the files
% Example :
[subfolders, files] = GetAllSubDirAndFiles(main_folder);
Then files{1} is a cell containing all files that are in the subfoler subfolders{1} and so on for files{2}, etc.
Here are the two functions you need
function [sub,fls] = GetAllSubDirAndFiles(main_folder)
[sub, fls] = subfolder(main_folder,'','');
function [sub,fls] = subfolder(main_folder,sub,fls)
tmp = dir(main_folder);
tmp = tmp(~ismember({},{'.' '..'}));
for i = {tmp([tmp.isdir]).name}
sub{end+1} = [main_folder '\' i{:}];
if nargin==2
sub = subfolder(sub{end},sub);
tmp = dir(sub{end});
fls{end+1} = {tmp(~[tmp.isdir]).name};
[sub, fls] = subfolder(sub{end},sub,fls);
end% if
end% for

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