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how to find sum of series for a complex function?

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I had IRx1,QRx1,IRx2,QRx2 vectors
the length of IRx1,QRx1,IRx2 and QRx2 are 128.length for all vectors is same that is 128.
x(n)=IRx1+i*QRx1 (complex signal)
y(n)=IRx2+i*QRx2 (complex signal)
i want to find auto correlation for X and cross correlation for X and y. by using below formulaes
ACF(k)=∑(n=0 to 128)〖x(n).*x(n-k) 〗
CCF(k)=∑(n=0 to 128〖x(n).*y(n)〗
Here i attached images of equations also. I tried so many times i am getting errors.
Help me to find ACF and CCF of given complex signals?

Answers (1)

Thibaut Jacqmin
Thibaut Jacqmin on 9 Feb 2017
Edited: Thibaut Jacqmin on 9 Feb 2017
What you want to compute looks like a convolution. Would this do the work ? Note that CCF does not depend on k in your expression. Are you sure it is not the sum over n of x(n)*y(n-k) ? You can get more info abour the conv function here ("More about" section):
x = complex(IRx1, QRx1);
y = complex(IRx2, QRx2);
ACF= conv(x, x);
CCF = conv(x, y);

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