How to adjust the zcolor scale in a scatter plot?

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Hi, I have a data set, contained in three vectors say xx, yy and zz. I want to plot yy vs xx with the marker color face according to zz, so I use the scatter function such as:
Unfortunately zz has some very extreme values, so I cannot see any difference in the marker face color: all the dots are dark blue!
Is there a possibility to solve this issue? I was thinking of a possibility to impose a lower and an upper value for the color scale, so that any dot with a zz value out of the authorized range would be grey (or of the color of the closest bound)...?
Thank you for your help,

Accepted Answer

LeChat on 12 Feb 2017
Edited: LeChat on 12 Feb 2017
Ok, found it thanks to il_raffa on Stack Overflow ;) I use the clim option:
set(gca,'clim',[lb ub])
lb and ub being the lower and upper bounds I want to use.

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