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How do I use imagesc to plot OTF

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Yan Zhu
Yan Zhu on 17 Feb 2017
Answered: Vandana Rajan on 20 Feb 2017
The OTF function is transferred from a PSF function with X and Z axis. How can I use imagesc to plot the OTF function?

Answers (1)

Vandana Rajan
Vandana Rajan on 20 Feb 2017
Have you seen the example given in this link
PSF = fspecial('gaussian',13,1);
OTF = psf2otf(PSF,[31 31]); % PSF --> OTF
subplot(1,2,1); surf(PSF); title('PSF');
axis square; axis tight
subplot(1,2,2); surf(abs(OTF)); title('Corresponding |OTF|');
axis square; axis tight


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