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Embedded coder + ARM Cortex M HW support package installation error

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Installation: Matlab R2016a, Embedded coder ver 6.10, Embedded Coder Support Package for ARM Cortex-M Processors version 16.1.2
The problem:
When opening simulink, it nags about ARM Cortex-M-related templates Opening simulink model "arm_cortex_m_gettingstarted" I get a warning: "codertarget.armcortexmbase.internal.getRootDir/registry/schedulers/m3m4m4f_SysTickSchedulerInfo.xml not found" When trying to set-up this, or any simulink model to have cortex-M3 (QEMU) as target hardware, the error pops up. (see images).
This suggests that codertarget.armcortexmbase registration has failed as it is not visible in auto-fill.
With cortex A9 as a target HW everything works, including SIL simulation with QEMU.
I uninstalled all the add-ons, changed the add-on directory to pointer somewhere else, re-installed add-ons. Still no luck.
Any ideas? Next step would be re-installation of Matlab...
Regards, Jarno
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Feb 2017
Carlos Eduardo dos Santos comments,
I have the same problem. I don`t Know what to do. would be really good if someone could give us a hand.

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Answers (1)

Hari Desanur
Hari Desanur on 22 Feb 2017
There seems to be an issue with this support package in MATLAB R2016a. I work for MathWorks and I have forwarded this feedback to the appropriate product team.
I would suggest using MATLAB version R2016b where I did not run into this issue.

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