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Connecting to MySQL using JDBC

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Nikhil on 18 Mar 2012
Edited: Rinky Yadav on 17 Feb 2019
Hi all,
Please could someone help me with the connection parameters when using MySQL and the JDBC driver?
- Is it necessary to add the datasource using ‘querybuilder’ / ‘confds’ before calling ‘database’?
- When calling database('databasename','username', 'password','driver','databaseurl'), what is the format of the driver argument? Help and other resources (<>) say it should be:
Then I receive a “Driver Not Found/Loaded” error message.
I get the same error if I try the path to the jar file from MySQL: ‘C:/Program Files/Java/mysql-connector-java-5.1.18/mysql-connector-java-5.1.18-bin.jar’
Extra Info: I’ve added the driver filename to the java classpath file but am not sure if I used the correct delimiter. (I just started a new line).
Also, the whole syntax for my ‘database’ call is:
conn = database('trial','myuser','mypassword','C:/Program Files/Java/mysql-connector-java-5.1.18/mysql-connector-java-5.1.18-bin.jar','jdbc:mysql://PC1:3306/trial');
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Riadi Marta Dinata
Riadi Marta Dinata on 10 Feb 2016
try this code : url = 'jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/'; conn = database('matlab_db', 'root', '', 'com.mysql.jdbc.Driver', url); curs = exec(conn,'SELECT * FROM barang'); curs = fetch(curs)
tableName = 'barang'; fields = {'kode_barang', 'nama_barang', 'deskripsi', 'harga','kategori', 'gambar', 'status'};
%allData = {'BRG004', 'KOMPUTER 4', 'Harga murah.....harga ok', '1250000', 'Komputer', 'kom4.jpg', 'Tersedia'};
var1=get(handles.guivar1,'String'); var2=get(handles.guivar2,'String'); var3=get(handles.guivar3,'String'); var4=get(handles.guivar4,'String'); var5=get(handles.guivar5,'String'); var6=get(handles.guivar6,'String'); var7=get(handles.guivar7,'String');
allData = {var1, var2, var3,var4,var5,var6, var7}; tic fastinsert(conn,tableName,fields,allData) toc
for more detail try this study matlab to mysql

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Accepted Answer

Aldin on 18 Mar 2012
At first you need to copy/paste your driver (jar file: mysql-connector-java-5.1.18-bin.jar in in this folder (by me): C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2009b\java\jarext (The folder is jarext). Now, go in MATLAB workspace and add this code:
javaaddpath([matlabroot,'/java/jarext/mysql-connector-java-5.1.15-bin.jar']) . My connector is mysql-connector-java-5.1.15-bin.jar. You have to put your connector (mysql-connector-java-5.1.18-bin.jar). In this case your code will be: javaaddpath([matlabroot,'/java/jarext/mysql-connector-java-5.1.18-*bin.jar'])* And finally write this in worskpace:
That's it
Rinky Yadav
Rinky Yadav on 17 Feb 2019
I tried everything but the jdbc driver is not added to classpath(static and dynamic). COuld you help me out in this?
conn = database('finaldb','root','password', ...
'Vendor','MySQL', ...
and also,
I tried this set of instructions as well
and also tried the above instruction and getting this as the output:
Warning: Invalid file or directory 'C:\Program
> In javaclasspath>local_validate_dynamic_path (line 271)
In javaclasspath>local_javapath (line 187)
In javaclasspath (line 124)
In javaaddpath (line 71)
In jdbcconnection (line 1)

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Greg on 26 Mar 2012
how would this work on a mac? where do I copy my JDBC driver to? (since there's no matlab folder?)
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Nikhil on 26 Mar 2012
So Malcolm is saying it doesn't matter where you put the driver, just be sure to add the full path i.e. 'C:/folder1/.../folderN/mysql-connector-java-5.1.15-bin.jar' to the dynamic path of Matlab using the 'javaaddpath' function.

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