Unable to save figures from figure window in matlab R2016b

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I am new to matlab and I am using R2016b. Everytime I plot a figure and use the figure window to save the figure or use anything in the figure window like zoom tool I get error messages Error using fullfile (line 43) String input not supported.
Error using fullfile (line 43) String input not supported.
Error in filemenufcn>localUpdateNewMenu (line 136) if exist(fullfile(matlabroot,'toolbox/simulink/simulink/open_system.m'), 'file')
Error in filemenufcn (line 37) localUpdateNewMenu(hfig)
Error while evaluating Menu Callback
Error using fullfile (line 43) String input not supported.
Error in filemenufcn>localSaveExport (line 341) filename=fullfile(newpath,newfile);
Error in filemenufcn (line 56) localSaveExport(hfig, false)
Error while evaluating Menu Callback

Accepted Answer

Vandana Rajan
Vandana Rajan on 28 Feb 2017
One potential cause for this issue is if there are built-in MATLAB functions that are being overridden by the user code. To check for this, we can use the function "which x -all" where x is another function name. In this scenario, it is a good idea to check the following:
>>which fullfile -all
>>which string -all
>>which isstring -all
to see if any of these are being overridden.
Please take care that you do not use names of built-in MATLAB functions for your variables or user-defined functions.
Dan Levenstein
Dan Levenstein on 8 Aug 2017
I seem to have a similar problem with isstring, however, my only conflict is as follows:
>> isstring('test')
ans = 0
>> which isstring -all built-in (/Applications/MATLAB_R2015b.app/toolbox/matlab/strfun/isstring) /Applications/MATLAB_R2015b.app/toolbox/matlab/codetools/@mtree/isstring.m % more method
both of which are built-in functions... any suggestions?

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