AD9361 transceiver help

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Hamza Yaseen
Hamza Yaseen on 6 Mar 2017
Commented: Alexey Sudbin on 29 Mar 2017
I am trying to run this very simple model for AD9361 TX and RX. All step sizes are correct, but when I run the model I got this error: "Complex signal mismatch. Output port 1 of 'ADI_test/ADI9361_rx/DDC_Filters_RX/Hm2/Hm2/In' is a signal of numeric type complex. However, it is driving a signal of numeric type real" Any help Please

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MathWorks RF & Mixed-Signal Products Team
Hi Hamza,
It is hard to debug the model without actually seeing it, but I will give it a try. The output of the AD9361 receiver is a complex digital baseband signal. If the output of the model is connected to a block that expects a real signal at its input (like for example a analog filter), then Simulink will try to propagate backwards the data type of the signal, and you will experience an error.
I recommend to enable "display-> signal and ports -> port data types from the Simulink toolbar in the model to debug the different data types.
You can comment the blocks connected at the output of the model and progressively figure out what causes the data type inconsistency.
I hope this helps,
Alexey Sudbin
Alexey Sudbin on 29 Mar 2017
Hi Hamza,
That error can be related to the AD9361 Filter Wizard (it must be installed). I advise you to download the last version of the MathWorks support package for AD9361 from here:
That link contains all components you need to work with AD9361 TX and RX. I have just checked the installer from that page, all models from that package run correctly.
I hope this helps you,
Alexey Sudbin, SPC AE Russia

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