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Dennis D.
Dennis D. on 8 Mar 2017
Commented: Rik on 9 Mar 2017
Hello Guys,
I am using the print function for creating eps files for my bachelor thesis.
print('filename' ,'-painters','-depsc', '-r300')
I have the following problem. The filenames of my diagrams are different depending on the experiment. I found out how to use the string function to create names for my diagrams by my inputs. And I am trying the same here.
For example:
name = string({'growthcurve'});
Now Matlab use name for the generation of the diagram title 'growthcurve'.
Is it possible to say the print function also that it should use the variable 'name' to name the file 'growthcurve'. Like print(name ,'-painters','-depsc', '-r300') and the filename then is growthcurve.eps?
Sorry for my english :)
Best wishes
Rik on 9 Mar 2017
Hmm. The error tree suggests that the print function interprets nameCurve as a handle, which it isn't. Do you really need the interpreter do be set to '-painters'? Otherwise you might give it a try without that switch.

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Accepted Answer

Thorsten on 9 Mar 2017
medium = 'XYZ';
replica = 'Replica1';
nameCurve = ['growthcurve', medium, ' ', replica];
nameSemlog = ['semilogy growthcurve', medium, ' ', replica];
print(nameCurve, '-painters', '-depsc', '-r300')
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Dennis D.
Dennis D. on 9 Mar 2017
Now it is working. Thank you :-)

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