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Accessing .sql database file

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Greg on 21 Mar 2012
So first of all, I have almost zero database experience. I've mainly used MATLAB for modeling purposes in the past, but now I need to do some calculations with some data stored in an SQL database.
I've been provided with a .sql file, containing the database. This database contains several tables which I'd like to access and run queries on in order to perform calculations.
I've downloaded the Database Toolbox package, and have been trying to make a connection using the 'database' command, but there seems to be an issue concerning the JDBC drivers.
My question is: what do I need to do, what do I need to install and configure in order to be able to perform SQL queries on the Database.sql file?
As I said, I've never worked with databases before so I have minimal knowledge.
Many thanks in advance,

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Aldin on 21 Mar 2012
Look here for connection:
and here for SQL Query: type:
doc database
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Greg on 22 Mar 2012
thanks, I'd already checked that out, but what I don't get is: is the JDBC driver something that needs to be downloaded and installed separately, or does it come with the database toolbox?
I'm using Mac OS X 10.6 btw.

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Tony on 17 May 2013
Make use of sql 2005 fix
Solution must assist you

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