count number of shifts in data based on conditions

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I am trying to write an if statement that counts how many times a shift in data occurs within a certain range. A shift is identified as a change in data by a value of 1 from the last data point. I would like to create a vector that is the same length as the range I am referring to by indexing, that will contain either 1's or 0's. Once the vector is created I will use another function to count the number of shifts. I know how to do this in Excel but I am new to Matlab so I appreciate your help. I've tried to go through the help docs and community but have not had much success.
My results are repeating
j = 1
j = 1
j = 0 . . .
if true
% code
%Here is my code:
for CurrentGear = TimeStartIdx:TimeEndIdx
if CurrentGear < CurrentGear-1
j = 1
elseif CurrentGear > CurrentGear -1
j = 1
else CurrentGear = CurrentGear -1
j =0
TimeStartIdx and TimeEndIdx are the range I found by indexing.

Accepted Answer

Thorsten on 14 Mar 2017
If x is the vector of your data, you can get the vector of shifts by 1 as
dx = diff(x) == 1;
And to count the number of 1's
N = nnz(dx);

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JE on 15 Mar 2017
Thank you, that's much simpler than a for loop with if statement.

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