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About official robotics system toolbox Matlab and Peter Corke Robotics toolbox matlab.

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I came to know that matlab released robotics system toolbox in 2016 version but I'm using Matlab 2014b. At that time I installed Peter Corke Robotics toolbox matlab and start working on it. I develop few GUI and wrote others code too using the same Peter Corke Robotics toolbox. But now I want to install new official version of robotics toolbox. But my doubt is if I install new version then what happen to older one. Will I able to run my old codes (which used old toolbox) on matlab after installing new official version or it may vanish older one. Will matlab shows error in my codes or GUI after installing new version. I want to work with both toolbox.

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Naseeb Gill
Naseeb Gill on 30 Mar 2017
I made contact with Matlab Robotics Toolbox team and their answer was positive i.e. I can use both.
In their words " You can install the latest version (R2017a) of Robotics System Toolbox and your code should work fine. Both toolboxes work together without any problem."

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