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The best camera for Image processing

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Mo Ba
Mo Ba on 23 Mar 2017
Commented: Ramy Elkewidy on 1 Dec 2018
Hello experts,
I'm a proficient MATLAB user so I'm quite confident with MATLAB including Image processing toolbox. But I need your advice and suggestions to select the best camera for image processing system on my robot. I'm looking for a camera which has a good image stabilization feature as I'm using it on a robot and need to take pictures while robot is moving. Besides the camera needs to be powered by bus not by an external AC adapter as I just have 12/24 VDC on my robot. I tried using simple USB webcams (Logitech) but the quality and resolution is not good enough for me. Then I tried to use a wireless IP camera but the problem is the delay time when I send a command to camera to take a picture. It's darn slow! Moreover, the regular cameras can not be used as when I connect them to computer, they go to charging mode and can not take picture! There are many cameras out there at the market but I'm not sure which one can be used in MATLAB. I'm wondering anyone has had the same experiment before to suggest me a good camera with this features:
  1. Has a good image stablization feature because my robot is moving
  2. Being supported in MATLAB image processing toolbox
  3. The connection should be wired for fast operation
  4. The power is through the bus not an external adapter
Sorry for long explanation. Thank you in advance for your precious advice.


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 Mar 2017
Variable focus? Autofocus? Variable aperture? Variable shutter speed? Should it produce streaming video or should it be strictly picture on request?
I have explored available live video options from a few of the more popular manufacturers in some of my past Answers, but I am not sure how quickly I could find those again. I think I have written about Canon, Sony, and Nikon. The options were narrower than one might expect.
Ramy Elkewidy
Ramy Elkewidy on 1 Dec 2018
Raspberry Pi V2 Official 8 Megapixel HD Camera Board
best choice

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 24 Mar 2017
You can see a list of supported camera manufacturers here:
I suggest you call a few and discuss your requirements with them. Nearly every manufacturer will probably have at least one camera that will work for you.

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Mo Ba
Mo Ba on 24 Mar 2017
Thank you image analyst! My problem is I don't know which camera can be used in MATLAB. For examle as you know, Sony cameras are being supported in MTLAB as it shows on the link below:
But can you give me an example Sony camera that can be connected to MATLAB? Please forget my application and needs. I'm wondering which Sony camera exactly can be used in MATLAB? The problem is camera manufacturers don't know much about MATLAB and they can't help me in this regard. For example a Nikon Coolpox camera has all features I want but how can I connect it to MATLAB? I hope O explained the problem well. Thanks again

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