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Reordering Quick Insert Search Results in Simulink

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Dave Walter
Dave Walter on 30 Mar 2017
Commented: Dave Walter on 31 Mar 2017
Is there a way to reorder the results from Quick Insert (where you click on whitespace and start typing the block name)?
I use the 'Terminator' block when prototyping and 2016b changed the first result from typing "term" to the 'Terminate Function' block (User-Defined Functions) instead of the 'Terminator' (Sinks).
I hardly ever use 'Terminate Function' but use 'Terminator' quite often. How can I change it so 'Terminator' shows up first on Quick Insert?


Aniruddha Katre
Aniruddha Katre on 30 Mar 2017
Unfortunately it is not possible to re-order the quick insert suggestions.
Dave Walter
Dave Walter on 31 Mar 2017
Ok. Is there a way to re-index the search? It is currently including custom library elements (such as a Constant block located in a sub-library) as the top search return.

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