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Applying function only to certain files in directory

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Hi, I have the following code, which applies the function 'load_nii' to files from the current directory which I select manually with the variables k and l:
currentFolder = pwd;
listing = dir;
allDirNames = { };
dirLA =~ [ listing.isdir ];
dirLA(1:2) = 0;
dirNames = allDirNames(dirLA);
% set k, l to choose which files to convert
k = 3;
l = 182;
% convert Niftis to Mat-Files
for idx = k:l
foo(idx) = load_nii(allDirNames{idx});
betas{idx-(k-1)} = foo(idx).img;
What I want however is that the function load_nii is automatically applied to all files which start with certain strings (e.g. "results"), such that I don't have to set the variables k and l manually. How can I do that?
Guillaume on 10 Apr 2017
Oh yes, with the solution proposed, there's no need to filter the directories anyway.
My comment was more generic in case such code (directory listing) is used for something else where file filtering does not apply.
I don't know why mathworks decided to return these two useless entries other than for the sake of matching the antiquated behaviour of dos dir.
MiauMiau on 11 Apr 2017
yep I figured that...strange indeed that it is implemented like this, but my code works fine now, thanks for all the help

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Accepted Answer

dbmn on 10 Apr 2017
The simplest solution is, when you know a priori what your files are called. In that case use wildcards with *
listing = dir('results*.m');
dpb on 10 Apr 2017
And, write the function such that you pass that "magic string" to the function as a user-specified variable instead of hardcoding it into the function.

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