finding cell array elements

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Tha saliem
Tha saliem on 11 Apr 2017
Commented: Tha saliem on 11 Apr 2017
hi. I have a cell array containing many values like this:
x{2x1 cell;3x1 cell}
and each cell contains value like this:
y=[0,0,1,-1,0,0; 1,0,-1,1,0,0] %2D array
I want to search elements of x one by one in corresponding row of y.
Thanks in advance

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 11 Apr 2017
This would do it:
result = arrayfun(@(row) cellfun(@(columns) y(row, columns), x{row}, 'UniformOutput', false), ...
(1:size(x, 1)).', 'UniformOutput', false);
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Tha saliem
Tha saliem on 11 Apr 2017
Thanks alot. this is so accurate

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