mupad command calling from matlab produce wrong results

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Michal on 18 Apr 2017
Answered: Stefan Wehmeier on 20 Apr 2017
I need to evaluate mupad command "discont" from MATLAB. In Mupad notebook the result is correct and looks like:
But, when I use the feval command from MATLAB I get the wrong result
syms x
f = 1/(log(x) + 1)
ans =
[ exp(-1), 0]
or evalin command
evalin(symengine,'discont(1/(log(x) + 1),x)')
ans =
[ exp(-1), 0]

Answers (1)

Stefan Wehmeier
Stefan Wehmeier on 20 Apr 2017
I cannot reproduce this. In any case, you cannot work with intervals in MATLAB; this is why
gives you just the endpoint of the branch cut of log.

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