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Livescript editor is always loading

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Arin Altuntas
Arin Altuntas on 23 Apr 2017
Answered: luis cogollo on 7 Nov 2020
After I open a new livescript, the loading bar in the middle of editor never disappears. Also 'Open' 'Save' 'Print' buttons stays Gray. When I close the script matlab asks me if I want to save changes before exit (this is the only way to save the .mlx file). I can compile live scripts. I don't have any problem with regular script files.
Ahmet Berk Yilmaz
Ahmet Berk Yilmaz on 28 Jan 2019
Same problem. Changing region did not work.

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Shifnaz Ahmed
Shifnaz Ahmed on 19 Oct 2019
Ever since I downloaded the macOS Catalina update version 10.15 my livescripts are unable to open. My livescript editor is always loading and I don't know how to fix it. My livescripts were working perfectly before the update. I've tried changing the region and restarting MATLAB but it does not seem to be working. Any advice?

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Seunghoon Ji
Seunghoon Ji on 3 Nov 2019
I talked to Mathworks about this and their answer was: “yeah it doesn’t work in MATLAB2018. Download MATLAB2019!” It worked!
But man, it is so poorly managed. Why don’t they just add an error popup saying “Sorry! Live script is not supported in MATLAB2018 for your OS! Please download Matlab2019 and try again!” Such a simple solution. Wasted so much time of many people’s.
I don’t know if it will solve Everyone’s problem. Maybe some were using 2019 version and having the same problem? Idk. But if you are using 2018 and having the issue, try downloading 2019.

Carlo Villarreal
Carlo Villarreal on 3 Nov 2019
Having the same issue, I try to open a Live Script and it gets stuck on "Loading".
On Catalina 10.15

Álvaro Sanjuán Florido
Álvaro Sanjuán Florido on 9 Nov 2019
I tried downloading the 2019 version but the problem remains.

BURAK CIHAN on 15 Jan 2020
Same here. My MATLAB version is 2018b.

Andrea Pesare
Andrea Pesare on 18 Jan 2020
I have the same problem on Matlab 2019b.

Carl Slater
Carl Slater on 24 Jan 2020
Same problem here also. Im using 2019b

luis cogollo
luis cogollo on 7 Nov 2020
Same problem here also. Im using 2020a

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