Is there any full explanation or smart example how to implement hardware target ?

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Reading Matlab and Simulink manual i can't find a really helpful example or an help page/doc about how to implement my own hardware target for my microcontroller.
I think that creating by example is the better way to port some nice target package for my platform.
Arduino now is not open source (p files and mex) everywere , early versions does not supports external mode(just pil, model, standalone). Also, the explanation of how to implement external mode for my project is too small - i cant use it at all: no tutorial included for this or any webinar.
So, the question is:
Is there any open source hardware (m and c/cpp files) target example with model, standlone and external mode operation modes implemented?

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Gautam Vallabha
Gautam Vallabha on 6 Apr 2012
Take a look at the following resources -
If you still have questions, please post them here (in MATLAB Answers forum) or contact MathWorks Technical Support.

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Konstantin Volodin
Konstantin Volodin on 22 Apr 2012
Thanks for the answer! this is most hard and very undocumented mode of operation - external mode implementation as also the minimum hardware requirements for a implementation (external mode stack size)?
is there any external mode tutorials? i didnt find one (


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