How to load CASIA Iris Version V1 database images..

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Hello, CASIA Iris Image Database Version 1.0 (CASIA-IrisV1) includes 756 iris images from 108 eyes. For each eye, 7 images are captured in two folders...totally there are 108 folders(eyes) and each folder contains 2 sub-folders by name 1 (right eye) and 2 (left eye)..1st sub-folder contains 3 images and 2nd sub-folder contains 4 images... How can i load all the images from all the folders and sub-folders?
Jyothi Alugolu
Jyothi Alugolu on 16 May 2017
that is not the question which i asked... i used recures.m file,but i am not getting all the subfolder images..
KSSV on 16 May 2017
How your question of accessing images in sub folders/ folders is different from what given in the link?

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 May 2017
imgSetVector = imageSet(imgFolder,'recursive')
Or you could create an imageDatastore, and use it; see for example
Parul on 29 Oct 2022
@Jyothi Alugolu can you please share the code for iris preprocessing on casia iris version 1 database

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Nimra Ibrar
Nimra Ibrar on 9 Jun 2019
please i need code of iris recognization if any one help?

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