i am unable to create a fuzzy in matlab R2012b using code

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i used the following code to create a fuzzy.
fis = newfis('per');
fis.input(1).name = 'service';
fis.input(1).range = [0 10];
fis.input(1).mf(1).name = 'poor';
fis.input(1).mf(1).type = 'gaussmf';
fis.input(1).mf(1).params = [1.5 0];
fis.input(1).mf(2).name = 'good';
fis.input(1).mf(2).type = 'gaussmf';
fis.input(1).mf(2).params = [1.5 5];
fis.input(1).mf(3).name = 'excellent';
fis.input(1).mf(3).type = 'gaussmf';
fis.input(1).mf(3).params = [1.5 10];
but i am unable to create. does this version support this type of creation?

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 21 May 2017
That code works fine for me in R2012b.
Perhaps you do not have the Fuzzy Logic Toolbox installed, or do not have it licensed.

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