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How to move "datatip" to a desired location in matlab plots??

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In a 2D-line plot, When I am clicking on the Data Cursor and then on any location on the line plot, the data-tip appears just in the first quadrant above the point. Is it possible to change its location to second, third, or 4th quadrant. Actually, I need to show values of 2 very-close points simultaneously, but the data-tips for both points overlaps. How can I show values of 2 or more close points simultaneously?
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Allen on 18 Aug 2019
I often landed on this question looking a similar answer, but inolving instances when none of the typical positions allowed by standard data tips provided a decent view of all the plotted data. This eventually lead me to create "DragDataTip" to provide more flexibility to moving a data tip to any location within a plot axes.

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Accepted Answer

MathReallyWorks on 26 May 2017
Hello Pankaj,
Click on Data-Cursor and move it wherever you want on graphical window. It clearly shows attributes of that point (i.e. Location and RGB values).
For seeing two points simultaneously, go on pressing "shift+left click". The previous attributes remain there even after a new left click.
If the problem still persist, share with us your code for better answer.
pankaj singh
pankaj singh on 27 May 2017
Edited: pankaj singh on 30 May 2017
Thanks MathReallyWorks. It worked. I didn't knew it would be so simple.
Seungjun Heo
Seungjun Heo on 14 Apr 2024
What if I want to do it in the code? I want the datatips to be appeared to the left side, (or 2nd quadrant) right after I run the code. I know that I can move the datatips by dragging, but I still want to know the way to do it in the code. Is there any way that I can do it?

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