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how can i convert decimal to hex or another basis without use dec2hex ?

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I need to make a function about convert basis to another (decimal to oktal or another) but i dont know the prinsip , i hope some one give me tips for that


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Jan on 26 May 2017
I really do like this forum. But sometimes I suggest to take the time to search in the net. You can imagine, that this problem has been solved by others already. You find the general algorithm at WikiPedia and most likely your textbook for maths. When you search for "Matlab convert hex to base" you will even find running Matlab code.


Jan on 26 May 2017
This is okay. Questions of beginners are welcome in this forum. Specific question get specific answers usually.

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MathReallyWorks on 26 May 2017
Hello Mohammad Imam Malik,
I guess you are asking for the principle behind these conversions.
Read this:
Steps:(Decimal to hex)
1. Divide the decimal number by 16. Treat the division as an integer division.
2. Write down the remainder (in hexadecimal).
3. Divide the result again by 16. Treat the division as an integer division.
4. Repeat step 2 and 3 until result is 0.
5. The hex value is the digit sequence of the remainders from the last to first.
Check out this link for other conversion algorithm: Decimal Number Conversion


Mohammad Imam Malik
Mohammad Imam Malik on 26 May 2017
oke thanks but next problem is, result in each Basis is different like hexa has A,B,C,D as a result , how can program that?
Stephen Cobeldick
Stephen Cobeldick on 26 May 2017
Use a string (1xN char) to store the values. Either generate the string using their character codes, or select the characters from a vector using indexing, or simply call sprintf with one of the hex formats.

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