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Brain MRI DataSet (BRATS 2015)

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Cagdas UGURLU on 3 Jun 2017
Edited: MathReallyWorks on 4 Jun 2017
I need Brain MRI dataset for my student project. (AI - Neural Networks) I'm trying to download BRATS 2015 dataset
However, the website is asking for registration for download. As far as I understand, someone needs to confirm the registration but my registration is waiting still. (for 3 days)
If there is anyone who can provide me with these data over another link, it would be really really great for me.


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MathReallyWorks on 3 Jun 2017
Edited: MathReallyWorks on 3 Jun 2017

Use this website: OASIS

What is OASIS?

The Open Access Series of Imaging Studies (OASIS) is a project aimed at making MRI data sets of the brain freely available to the scientific community. By compiling and freely distributing MRI data sets, we hope to facilitate future discoveries in basic and clinical neuroscience. OASIS is made available by the Washington University Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, Dr. Randy Buckner at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) at Harvard University, the Neuroinformatics Research Group (NRG) at Washington University School of Medicine, and the Biomedical Informatics Research Network (BIRN).


Cagdas UGURLU on 4 Jun 2017
I'm sorry, I missed out one thing. I'm developing a brain tumour segmentation application, so I need a brain tumour oriented dataset. Does this dataset have them enough? Have you used it?
MathReallyWorks on 4 Jun 2017
Oh okay.
Have a look at this website: brain tumor dataset
They have a very huge amount of dataset (838.77 MB). You can directly download them.
I haven't used these datas but from the description of these datas I can say that they will be useful for you.

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