how do I create a log periodic antenna using the antenna toolbox

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I need to create a plot of the far field pattern of a log periodic antenna. I thought I could use the antenna toolbox's linearArray for this, but I can't determine how to increase the length of of consecutive elements in the array. Anyone have any thoughts?

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Shashank Kulkarni
Shashank Kulkarni on 12 Jun 2017
Below is the sample code to specify multiple elements of the same type (e.g. dipole) for the linear array. You can then access the properties of the individual elements of the array.
l = linearArray;
d = dipole;
l.Element = [d d d];
l.Element(1).Length = 2;
l.Element(2).Length = 3;
l.Element(3).Length = 4;
I hope this helps.


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