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How to automate/skip through EEGlab gui processing?

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When I am running my code for a peak finder, I have to individually go through each data point in a GUI and make sure that the "markers" for timing are matching up.
So, does anyone have a suggestion on how to process the data directly into a txt. document file?

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Arnaud Delorme
Arnaud Delorme on 15 Jun 2017
All EEGLAB functions are scriptable. So you should be able to call one of them to achieve your goal. It is unclear what you mean by "go through each data point in a GUI."
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jsaha192 on 15 Jun 2017
Well, right now the GUI has to be manually operated in order to detect errors that may have been caused by the code. So, if there was a way to detect errors and also to avoid the GUI altogether then that would be great.

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