Drawing a white line on an image using (rho, theta).

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I want to draw a line on the following image using (| |rho , theta ) of the detected line using the Hough transformation.
expected output
What is wrong in the following code?
It's not being able to display the line.
input_image = gray_imread('Scratch1.1.png');
maxPeaks = 1;
fillgap = 500;
minline = 7;
binary_image = edge(input_image,'canny');
[H,T,R] = hough(binary_image);
threshPeaks = ceil(0.3*max(H(:)));
P = houghpeaks(H, maxPeaks, 'threshold', threshPeaks);
hlines = houghlines(binary_image, T, R, P, 'FillGap', fillgap, 'MinLength', minline);
h_line = hlines(1);
rho = h_line.rho;
theta = h_line.theta;
hold on;
x = h_line.point1(1):h_line.point2(1);
y = (rho - x* cos(theta) )/ sin(theta);
Ba Ba Black Sheep!
Ba Ba Black Sheep! on 20 Jun 2017
This is incorrect answer. Using sind and cosd solved my problem.

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Answers (1)

Julian Hapke
Julian Hapke on 20 Jun 2017
My comment was the answer, so to stick to the structure of this forum:
Your calculation of x and y yields to wrong values. If you use the end points of the houghlines directly
hline = plot([h_line.point1(1) h_line.point2(1)],[h_line.point1(2) h_line.point2(2)],'w')
you get the line you showed in your "expected output"
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