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Load, open and display 2dseq file (MRI, bruker)

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viet le
viet le on 27 Jun 2017
Edited: Marwan Hamid on 24 Sep 2020 at 13:45
I have an MR image data which acquired at Bruker 4.7 T MRI scanner. (Bruker file attached). This code by Matlab can not run and I did not know how to fix? really appreciate your help.
Thank you.
num_dif = 1;
dimension = [128 128 100]; % [x y z] the dimension of the 2dseq file, suppose average=1
voxel_size = [0.1 0.1 0.1]; % [x y z] pixel spacing in mm
f1 = fopen('2dseq','r');
% slope is a dimension(3) x num_dif matrix that defines the scaling parameters
% input the slope here
slope=[81.3139111191806 81.3139111191806 81.3139111191806 81.3139111191806
slope = slope./min(min(slope));
slope = reshape(slope',dimension(3),num_dif);
for i = 1:dimension(3)
for j = 1:num_dif
A(:,:,i,j) = A(:,:,i,j)/slope(i,j);
% image0 ~ imageN, where N is the number of diffusion gradient encoding
image0 = reshape(A(:,:,:,1),prod(dimension),1);

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Oscar Jalnefjord
Oscar Jalnefjord on 28 Jun 2017
There is only data from a single slice in the attached file 2dseq. if you set
dimension = [128 128 100]
and set slope to a scalar value your code runs

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Answers (2)

Khieu on 16 Apr 2018
Edited: Khieu on 16 Apr 2018

1. You should take a look at parameters files: acqp, method. (text file) these files contain all image parameters that suitable for you. 2. I found that your image is 2D based on: - method file: ##$PVM_Matrix=( 2 ) 128 128 So your image data size should be: 128x128 (complex or real you should check on method file or reco file)

% if complex data, do three following lines 
RealI = A(1:2:end);
ImgI = A(2:2:end);
cmplxImage = complex(RealI, ImgI);

Then you just reshape that variable to correct image dimension...

Good luck

ps: your image is T1-weighted image, not diffusion image, so you do not need a variable like num_dif (number of diffusions)


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Cecil Yen
Cecil Yen on 29 Oct 2018
I wrote a Matlab function to read Bruker's 2dseq file for my own purposes years ago. It will phrase the header file and load the binary image for you. I use some tricks to speed up the reading, which shall be the fastest Matlab implementation this far. I uploaded it to Matlab Central such that everyone can use it.


Avigdor on 29 Oct 2018
There seems to be an issue with the find_newline function and the read_2dseq does not run.
Marwan Hamid
Marwan Hamid on 24 Sep 2020 at 13:44
Cecil Yen, your code is not running, would you please explain the problem there with find_newline and also the code is showing once is method not exist and another time is 2dseq. thanx

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