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How to reproduce Application Compiler with mcc?

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I have used both the Application Compiler and mcc to make a standalone exe executable from a mfile. However the Application Compiler makes additional files and directories that mcc does not. I would like to set up mcc to run exactly like the default implementation of Application Compiler. Is there a flag or other straightforward way to do this?
Here is the mcc call I am using,
mcc -e myMfile.m -a splashScreen.tif -a someLibrary.dll -a someOtherLibrary.dll
which only creates one myMfile.exe in the same directory. However the Application Compiler creates a project subdirectory with further subdirectories (for_redistribution, for_redistribution_files_only, for_testing) populated with files.
If there is no straightforward solution, I will stick with Application Compiler.

Accepted Answer

Faiz Gouri
Faiz Gouri on 20 Jul 2017
mcc compiles matlab files into executable and Application Compiler app does the same thing along with packaging the files. Application compiler also creates a web installer additionally.
You perform the same functions using either the compiler apps or the mcc command-line interface.
You can always refer the corresponding mcc command in 'PackagingLog.html' when you are compiling through Application Compiler.
The interactive menus and dialogs used in the compiler apps build mcc commands that are customized to your specification. As such, your MATLAB® code is processed the same way as if you were compiling it using mcc.
Compiler app advantages include: You perform related deployment tasks with a single intuitive interface. You maintain related information in a convenient project file. Your project state persists between sessions. You load previously stored compiler projects from a prepopulated menu. Package applications for distribution.
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KAE on 20 Jul 2017
Edited: KAE on 20 Jul 2017
Very helpful to learn that I call pull up the mcc command out of the log. That's exactly what I was looking for, since I keep re-compiling the same program and associated files and this lets me avoid using the App menu each time.

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