How can I create a non-fully connected neural network?

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Can I create a non-fully connected neural network using Matlab? I mean I try to connect the neuron as I want, can I? Thanks!

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Saurabh Gupta
Saurabh Gupta on 20 Jul 2017
You can create a custom neural network and control the connections as per your requirement. The following documentation describes one example of custom neural network architecture for your reference.
The following documentation page has a wealth of related resources that you can explore and use as applicable.
I hope this helps!
Xiao Gao
Xiao Gao on 16 Oct 2018
Hi Khan, I am dealing with the same problem. The strategy I am thinking about is dividing the initial inupt vector into several sub-vectors, even only one variable for one sub-vector, and initializing arbitrarily each sub-vector's connection with the following layers. It seems kind of redundant but I hope it works.

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