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Difference between "files required for your application to run" and "files installed for your end user" in Compiler

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I am using deploytool and the Application Compiler to make a standalone executable from a mfile. The mfile uses a dll library that was created outside of Matlab as well as a tif file. I am confused about "files required for your application to run", where the tif seems to have to go for the exe to run, and "files installed for your end user", where the dll seems to have to go. How do these two file categories differ, and why does the tif go in one and the dll go in the other?

Accepted Answer

Faiz Gouri
Faiz Gouri on 21 Jul 2017
In the "Files required for your application to run" section of the compiler, verify that all of the files required to run the MATLAB application are listed. These files are compiled into the generated binaries along with the main file. In general the built-in dependency checker automatically populates this section with the appropriate files. However, you can manually add any files it missed.
In the "Files installed for your end user section of the compiler", verify that any additional non-MATLAB files you want installed with the application are listed. Note: These files are placed in the applications folder of the installed application. This section automatically lists: Generated executable (Linux®) Shell script for launching the application Readme file You can manually add files to the list. Additional files can include documentation, sample data files, and examples to accompany the application.
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KAE on 21 Jul 2017
Thanks for your clarification. I am still not clear why a non-Matlab tif file go into 'files required for your application to run', while a non-Matlab dll file would go into 'files installed for your end user'. Do you happen to know why?

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