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Scan and change a specific number in a text file?

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My problem is this, I have thousands of CNC G code text files I need to scan through that have a different part number in each file. Every part number begins with a 1 and is a 5 digit long integer (Ex. 11569 or 14355). Is there any way that I can search a text file for the part number?

Accepted Answer

Elias Gule
Elias Gule on 20 Jul 2017
How about this:
filename = 'Item.txt';
% Read the text from file
filetext = fileread(filename);
% Set the search pattern for a part number
searchPattern = '((?<=\()(1\d{4}))';
% Search the text
partnos = regexp(filetext,searchPattern,'match','dotexceptnewline'); % A cell array of part no.s

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