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How do I upload an excel file in matlab online

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I want to upload an excel file with headers and a mixture of strings and numbers into Matlab online or Matlab drive. I am using a work computer so cant install any software on the computer.

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Alex Karle
Alex Karle on 7 Aug 2017
Hi Stephen,
To upload an excel file so that you have access to it on MATLAB Online, you need to upload the file to MATLAB Drive.
You can access MATLAB Drive on the web without installing anything here:
An upload should be as simple as clicking the 'upload' button after logging in, but if you have other questions regarding files that can be uploaded, look here:
Once you have uploaded your excel file, simply go to MATLAB Online ( and that file should be visible in the file tree on the left. You can then load it into your MATLAB workspace using the function xlsread.
I checked that this works with a simple excel file.
Hope this helps!
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Joshua Kazmer
Joshua Kazmer on 1 May 2024
When i do this my file only appears in drive.matlab and does not show up in matlab online when i try to use it. If i click open in matlab online it gives me an error file not found. How do i fix this?

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Gopeshh Raaj
Gopeshh Raaj on 7 Aug 2017
In order to upload an excel file into MATLAB online, first you need to go to "" using your Mathworks account credentials. You will find an upload option there to upload your files. You can upload any files here. Please refer to the link attached below if you have further questions.

Hisham on 10 Aug 2017
Hi Stephen:
There are multiple ways that you can upload files into MATLAB Online:
1) You can drag and drop the file into the Current Folder Browser in your MATLAB Online session. This will upload the file into what ever folder you are exploring in the CFB at the time.
2) You can also drag and drop your file into MATLAB Drive online, as indicated by Alex and Gopeshh above
Hope this helps!


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