How to divide a row vector to 6 small row vector with faster technique?

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Louis Liu
Louis Liu on 26 Aug 2017
Commented: Louis Liu on 26 Aug 2017
Hello, dose anyone can give me an advice of the problem below? Thanks!
problem: I got a 1-by-366 row vector now. However, I need to divide it to get the six small row vector which size of everyone is 1-by-61 and then use plot() to illustrate the plot like plot(x,c(1),x,c(2),x,c(3),x,c(4),x,c(5),x,c(6))
I can assign every one slowly like c(1) = b(1:61),c(2) = b(62:122)... but I also want to know the faster technique maybe like for loop or other method and I can apply it when I encounter some case need to divide more small row vector. Thanks!

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 26 Aug 2017
doc reshape. This would be faster....
Louis Liu
Louis Liu on 26 Aug 2017
@Stephen Cobeldick @John D'Errico Thank for your help! I think I am too lazy because English content is too hard for me to understand... I will quit this bad habit and read more doc before I ask the question in the next time. Thank you again!

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