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Edit vs open from command line

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Aditya Desai
Aditya Desai on 22 Sep 2017
Commented: Aditya Desai on 27 Sep 2017
I have two classes, Sub and Super, where Sub is a subclass of Super. Both m-files are in the same folder (say /path/to/mydir). I noticed a difference between using open and edit from the command line. If the current directory is /path/to/mydir, then using either
edit Sub.m
open Sub.m
open Sub.m in the editor. However, if the current directory is a different one and /path/to/mydir is on the Path, then
edit Sub.m
opens Super.m, while
open Sub.m
opens Sub.m in the editor. What is the difference between using edit or open for m-files?
If it's relevant, I'm using MATLAB R2014b on Linux.


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Andrew Bliss
Andrew Bliss on 27 Sep 2017
That's odd that edit Sub.m would open Super.m. Perhaps
could help trace the problem?

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Aditya Desai
Aditya Desai on 27 Sep 2017
Using which with the -all option shows the correct Sub.m and nothing else.
I'm not sure if that is relevant but these files are in an SVN repository and I had used svn cp to get them into the current branch from another branch.
This problem of edit opening the wrong file does not occur for other subclass/superclass combinations which were either created inside this folder or copied into it using the regular Linux cp command .

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