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Adding Procrustes Code to a PCA

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Curious Mind
Curious Mind on 23 Sep 2017
Answered: Niraj Gadakari on 26 Sep 2017
How do I add new instructions or code to an existing callback in a gui. I have a button that when I press in a GUI it performs a PCA for me. However I want to add Procrustes code so that any time I press that particular button in the GUI, PCA will be performed in addition to a Procrustes analysis. How do I add the Procrustes code to that part of the PCA code so that they communicate? Any code example?
Thank you.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 23 Sep 2017
Tell GUIDE you want to edit the callback. Make any code changes in the editor.

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Niraj Gadakari
Niraj Gadakari on 26 Sep 2017
You could program the push button callback to perform both the PCA, and Procrustes analysis. Here is the link that explains programming the push button callbacks.

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