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Append Data to New Dimensions of Variable in NetCDF File

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Ryan on 23 Sep 2017
Answered: Niraj Gadakari on 26 Sep 2017
I am working on reading in multidimensional variables (time, lat, lon) from one NetCDF file as single vectors (along the time dimension), performing some computations, and would like to write them out to a new NetCDF file with the same structure but I cannot find any documentation that is clear enough to assure me I would be writing the columns back to their exact locations as in the original NetCDF. My transformations change the data values in the individual variables but not the length of any of their respective dimensions so it would be possible to state from the outset the size of each dimension.
My question is fairly similar to this one but in that case the user is trying to append entire three-dimensional matrices. In my case the transformations I am applying require single vectors and I run the risk of maxing out my memory if I retain the entire 3D matrix prior to writing to disk.

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Niraj Gadakari
Niraj Gadakari on 26 Sep 2017
Here is the link to a post that discusses how to append new data to an existing variable in a NetCDF file. I hope this helps.
However, I am not sure about the risk of maxing out the memory.


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