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Can't launch addons browser in linux

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motni on 24 Sep 2017
Answered: Mark Lin on 29 Apr 2018
When I click the "addons browser" or "get addons" to be more specific it does not launch and does not give any errors.
When I run the troubleshooting command:
>> cd(matlabroot)
>> cd bin/glnxa64
>> !./MATLABWindow -url= --disable-gpu
I get:
./MATLABWindow: symbol lookup error: /lib64/ undefined symbol: g_log_structured
I'm running Fedora 26 and R2017a student.
Would it have something to with old glib?
glib version installed:
Installed Packages
glib.x86_64 1:1.2.10-48.fc26 @fedora
And pango installed version is:
Installed Packages
pango.i686 1.40.12-1.fc26 @updates

Accepted Answer

motni on 8 Oct 2017
Sorry of being bit passive on this but I have limited internet access at the moment.
I got it going by downgrading pango.
Installed Packages
pango.x86_64 1.40.6-1.fc26 @fedora
1.40.6 Version that ships with fedora seems to be working just fine.

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Niraj Gadakari
Niraj Gadakari on 27 Sep 2017
I believe this is a bug within Linux. Here is the link for Bug Report. The issue could be due to older glib.
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Dylan Wylie
Dylan Wylie on 13 Nov 2017
Please provide a method of using more recent glib version, instead of the outdated version that ships with matlab.

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ignacio on 7 Oct 2017
So @Niraj, let's assume you're correct; which is the correct version we need?

Mark Lin
Mark Lin on 29 Apr 2018
Please see this link:
Specifically at 2). It should help

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