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how do I place the text on the first co ordinate of the plot?

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Madhuri on 27 Sep 2017
Commented: Madhuri on 27 Sep 2017
I am potting trajectories of vehicles (time-space plots) and following is my code %% Read data table = readtable('E:\vehdata11.xlsx'); VehicleNos = unique(table.VehicleID);
%% Plotting
for idx = 1:numel(VehicleNos) n = VehicleNos(idx); sb = table(table.VehicleID == n,:); labels=cellstr(num2str(n)); Time= sb.time; x = sb.time; y = sb.x; tin = min(x); t1 = x - tin; y1 = t1*11.04; y2 = y - y1;
%% plotting for time interval
i = (Time>20 & Time<=25);
hold on
end Now the position of text is on the maximum (x,y) coordinate But since my graph is not linear and fluctuating I want the labels to be on the first co ordinate text(x(1), y(1),labels) is not working. How do I do that?


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Andrew Bliss
Andrew Bliss on 27 Sep 2017
What error do you get? Or what do you mean "is not working"? Check the values of x(1) and y(1) and make sure they're not NaN or outside your graph axis.

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Madhuri on 27 Sep 2017
I assigned x=x(i) and y=y(i) and then used text(x(1),y(1), labels).It says index exceeds matrix dimensions and also shows error in text command.

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