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Why can't I use a bus with an array subelement?

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I've created a structure 'myStruct' and an associated bus called 'myStruct_Bus' successfully, however, when I try to use 'myStruct' as a constant on a Simulink Diagram after having set the data type to 'Bus: myStruct_Bus' I get the error "Invalid setting in... for parameter 'Value'". It's a legitimate struct and a legitimate Bus. Why the error?
(NOTE: I'm using 32-bit Matlab/Simulink R2015a on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit with Service Pack 1)
Here's the code:
myStruct = struct;
myStruct.aa = 0; = 0; = 0;
myStruct.sub = struct;
myStruct.sub(1).a = 0;
myStruct.sub(1).b = 0;
myStruct.sub(1).c = 0;
myStruct.sub(2).a = 0;
myStruct.sub(2).b = 0;
myStruct.sub(2).c = 0;
myStruct.sub(3).a = 0;
myStruct.sub(3).b = 0;
myStruct.sub(3).c = 0;
if ~exist('pSysParams_Bus')
busInfo_myStruct = Simulink.Bus.createObject(myStruct);
% get root Bus
tmp = who('slBus*');
for i=1:length(tmp)
if isempty(strfind(tmp{i}, '_'))
myStruct_Bus = eval(tmp{i}); clear(tmp{i});
Notice that the Bus Editor confirms the array size of 3.

Answers (2)

Suze Zhang
Suze Zhang on 9 Oct 2017
Hi Joe,
As of Simulink 8.1 (R2013a), it is possible to create a Simulink bus in which one of its fields is an array of buses. However, it is not available in Simulink R2015a to initialize a Simulink bus that contains a field which is an array of buses. As a workaround, you can create the buses separately, concatenate them using the Vector Concatenate block, and then include the array of buses in larger bus.
I have attached a zipped folder '' for this workaround. The model 'sub_bus_example.slx' uses the Simulink.Bus objects that are defined in the 'busInfo.mat' file, and the 'makeStruct.m' script shows how to make these Simulink.Bus objects. Note that you can nest this structure further.
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Pierre Bélissent
Pierre Bélissent on 12 Oct 2018
Thanks! Having the same issue. Is this capability (array of bus as a bus sub-element) available in newer versions?

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Joe on 10 Oct 2017
Thanks Suze. I'll take a look. Is this capability available in newer versions?


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