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How can I remove the circles(different colours) from the dermoscopic image?

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My dataset contains a variety of noise. One noise is in the form of different shapes(circles) of different sizes and colors at different locations. How can I remove them? Please give me some guidelines or some hints/code from where to start. Please see the attached image. I will be really thankful
Nazia Hameed
Nazia Hameed on 3 Oct 2017
Edited: Nazia Hameed on 3 Oct 2017
ok. Thank you, I will have a look. I tried color segmentation and getting initial results. Thank so much.
Nazia Hameed
Nazia Hameed on 3 Oct 2017
I have tried and I generated a mask. Can you plz tell me how can I fill the holes? I have tried your code available on But its not working. I have also tried imfill function. for filling holes I am writing the below code
smallestAcceptableHoleSize = 4000; % in pixels.
fillimage2 = bwareaopen(fillimage, smallestAcceptableHoleSize);
subplot(4, 4, 13);
imshow(fillimage2, []),title('Fill Image');

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Answers (2)

Selva Karna
Selva Karna on 7 Oct 2017
first separate region based object, after that apply contour , further apply binary selection .

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 7 Oct 2017
What I'd do is to threshold the saturation channel since the colored circles have much higher saturation than the skin. Attached is a demo.
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Nazia Hameed
Nazia Hameed on 9 Oct 2017
First of all Thank you so much for your time you are spending to help me. I am really really thankful to you and may you have the best of all the things. I tried your code but this is also detecting the area of interest. All I want is to create a generic code/algo that can be applied on all the images (with circles/without circles) with different types of diseases. The benign cancer is really small but the malignant cancer are really large in size and also the colour is different. When I apply the one developed by you as well as by me it detects the region of interest too. Please see attached picture. is there any way I can detect using shape?
once again thank you so much.

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