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Additional ODE solvers in Matlab?

Asked by Andres
on 20 Apr 2012
After some search I haven't been able to find if there is a toolbox or a package that allows to have mode ODE solvers (I'm not an expert... but I have seen there are a lot more than the ones implemented in Matlab) Someone knows where can I find other ODE solvers? (the problem is that I'm trying to identify a system and the estimations take a long time usually, so until now the best performance is given by ODE23, but it would be nice to find another that might perform better for the system I have)


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1 Answer

Answer by Richard Brown on 22 Apr 2012
 Accepted Answer

You could try sundials, they have a suite of good solvers and provide a MATLAB interface. However MATLAB's ones are usually pretty effective - have you tried the stiff solvers ode15s and ode23s?


on 26 Apr 2012
Thanks for the advise Richard. I gave it a try but a lot of work is needed to make it work properly in the system of equations I'm using, so I think I'll just stick to ode23 (so far the only one reliable enough for this particular case)
It's also worth experimenting with different tolerances, and with using implicit solvers (i.e. ode23s etc.) before giving up on the built in ones. They are pretty sophisticated and flexible pieces of code

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