TCP communication in real time simulink

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I am trying to send TCP messages from a simulink model that is running realtime on a target computer. Matlab says that TCP is supported in realtime simulink but I only see a TCP block in Instrument control box. Also when I try to use those blocks and build the model on the target computer, it gives the following error:
Error evaluating registered method 'Start' of MATLAB S-Function 'stcpipsb' in 'testing_TCP/TCP//IP Send'.
Caused by:
The block TCP/IP Send could not connect to the specified port. Please specify a different port or wait for the current port to become available.
I have configured the IP address of the TCP block to be that of the target computer and used different port numbers like 22222 (which is what I have configured in the simulink realtime explorer), 30000, 30, 10 all to no avail. Where is it going wrong and what is causing the error?

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Prashant Arora
Prashant Arora on 18 Oct 2017
HI Rajashree,
There is a TCP Send block in the Simulink Real-Time library, which you should use for sending data from a Target computer to another remote device.
You can check out the following example, which shows communication between two targets using TCP/IP.
Check the TCP configuration blocks in the example to understand the IP address and port specification for communication.

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THOMAS JOHN on 24 Sep 2019
Hello Prashant
I am a researcher currently doing a project related to signal transmission & reception using TCP & UDP. At the moment, I am able to achieve signal transmission and reception using TCP in normal non-real time MATLAB/Simulink but I am unable to achieve signal reception when I do real-time operation using TCP in MATLAB/Simulink.
Do I need to use real-time TCP/UDP models or is there any other option? The problem is that my remote receiver do not have a real-time simulink library & real-time TCP/UDP blocks. Please kindly suggest an alternative solution if possible. Many Thanks.
Best Regards
Dr Thomas John
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Andrea Assorati
Andrea Assorati on 2 Nov 2019
For real-time applications, in MATLAB command line i used 'flushinput' command to clean the input buffer and just delete the data in eccess. I am unable to make this operation in Simulink too.

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