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XPC Target Video

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DongBin Lee
DongBin Lee on 30 Apr 2012
Answered: Omar Crypps on 2 Dec 2016
I am using a Speedgoat real-time target machine with Simulink for an image processing application. I would like to know if it is possible to directly save USB webcam video to the Speedgoat hard drive. I know that I can transmit video over a network, but I would like to save the video locally if possible. Is there any way that this can be accomplished?

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Aram Simonian
Aram Simonian on 12 Mar 2014
Hi, I am not sure, if this is still relevant for you, but I can still share some experience here, if someone else was interested, too.
The only way we managed to save some video sequences to the target HDD was to reshape the video signal to a row vector and pass the vector to a File Scope. (Reshaping to a column vector caused that the File Scope was only saving the first element of the vector.)
I have to emphasize that this approach is only feasible for low-resolution videos. The higher resolution the video has, the longer the build and initialization of the model on the target takes. For a video with resolution 256x256 pixels the whole process from building to launching the target application took several minutes on an i5-powered machine.
I am quite curious whether MathWorks improved the video support in the latest Simulink Real-Time, which replaced xPC Target.

Omar Crypps
Omar Crypps on 2 Dec 2016
Is it always necessary to use the SpeedGoat when we want to use the xPC Target blocks? Isthere any other solution without having to buy the SpeedGoat?

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